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  • PM to Meet Xi Jinping

    IMP BUZZ-PM Modi and Prez Xi Jinping to meet on April 27-28 in Wuhan,China

    23 April 2018 3:00 AM GMTRead More (1)
  • CJI Impeachment-VP Venkaiah talks to Senior Officials

    IMP BUZZ-VP Venkaiah Naidu spoke to Subhash Kashyap,former Secy Gen of Lok Sabha PK Malhotra, former law secy Sanjay Singh,former Legislative secy and Sr. officials of RS secretariat over the notice...

    22 April 2018 3:00 PM GMTRead More (1)
  • Amit Shah Campaign Schedule

    ELECTION BUZZ-19th Apr-Amit Shahs election campaign in Karnataka: #Devanahali-Will address convention of Shakti Kendra Pramukh,3pm#Bluru-Samaj Chintan Sabha,5pm#Bluru-Interact with...

    19 April 2018 3:21 AM GMTRead More (1)
  • Chandrayan-2 Postponed

    IMP BUZZ-The launch of India's second mission to the moon 'Chandrayaan-2', which was scheduled this month, has been postponed to later this year-PTI quoting ISRO chief

    18 April 2018 1:15 PM GMTRead More (1)
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